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Into my Lap Like a Heart Attack

Story Title:Into my Lap Like a Heart Attack - a Tom Felton story
Based on: the Harry Potter cast
Genre(s): Romance, drama
Rating: (t) Teen
Warnings: some mature subject matter, language, physical abuse, more warnings may be added later.
Banner:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Summary/What the story's about: I first want to say that I'm not exactly a Tom Felton fan, so if I screw up some facts about him please don't rip my head off. I wanted to write a non Harry Potter related story using teenagers and celebrities so instead of making up my own I used the HP cast, more specifically Tom. I'm not claiming that Tom Felton acts like the character in my story does, so I don't want messages saying, "OMgz, Tom lyke onli wears blu sock on tusdays!11!!!"

The story is about a girl named Acey Valentine. After her friend drags her to an autograph signing she develops a crush on the blond movie star, she expects to never see Tom again but when she gets home her dad has a surprise for her...
Tags: actor, drama, movie, original character, romance, the harry potter cast, tom felton
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