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Quizilla.com Story Advertising

Story Advertising
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I know what it's like to write a story on Quizilla.com and have about 10 readers, and also what it's like to not be able to find any stories that interest you, so that's why I made this community. quizilla_fics is a community dedicated to advertising fanfiction stories from Quizilla.com. This community is for authors who want to advertise their stories and also for readers who want to quickly find stories that interest them.
You don't need to have a little known story to advertise here, authors from the highest rated and most popular lists are more than welcome to use this community as well. Everyone is welcome here as long as they are users of Quizilla.com

You do not need a livejournal account to use quizilla_fics. If you want to advertise your stories here but either don't have or don't want a livejournal account, you can comment on my livejournal (faerybox) with the necessary information (see: rules section) and I will make the post for you.
You do not need to be a livejournal member to post comments on here or on my personal journal.

If you are both good at and enjoy making banners, email me with a sample of your work that I can post on here and your quizilla user name. I will then add you to the list of graphic makers so that other users can either email or message you on Quizilla.com to arrange for you to make them a banner.
(There are currently 0 graphic makers)

We accept all stories, short and long, fanfiction and original, slash and hetero, ANYTHING as long as it is on Quizilla.com and a story.

Make sure you read the rules before joining!

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We ask that all of our members follow these rules, if you break any rules you will be warned, continuage rule breaking will result in you being banned from the community.

Community Rules:
01. All stories posted MUST be from Quizilla.com

02. This community is for advertsising of stories only, do not post your full story here!

03. Large banners and pictures go behind an LJ cut there is no set size limit, just use your common sense. If a member asks you to put up an LJ cut for your banner don't argue, just do it. If you do not know how to do an LJ cut, go here.

04. If an image contains pornographic, desturbing, or offensive content, please put it behind and LJ cut (see above).

05. No member bashing. If you don't like a story you can private message them on Quizilla or email them to tell them so, here is not the place for that.

When posting your advertisement, please use the format below or one similar to it. Also, please make the title of your story the subject line.

If you have a banner but don't have it uploaded onto the internet, try using Photobucket or ImageShack, both are free.